New SubaruSubaru’s new Forester is one of the best cross-over four wheel drive vehicles on the market today. This has been proved by its its longevity, classic styling and practicality.

The Forester comes in many forms. It caters to a wide range of clientel. From the the sporty XT to the rugged X model, this is truly a vehicle that can suit any person in any situation.

The new Forester with its ground clearance and space is just a remarkable vehicle. It is the size of your normal everyday car but has much more. It has huge space on the inside and pratical layout. Also, the height adds excellent ease of entry and exit of this vehicle.

The 2.5 ltr engine in this new subaru Forester is a tried and tested engine. It has great power economy and reliability that is second to none. The power-plant is matched up with the 4 speed tip-tronic automatic gear boxes for extra control when towing or just more control over the vehicle dynamics.

New Subaru Forester: Practicalities

The almost 90 degrees rear-opening doors is a marvellous and practical idea. It is particularly useful when loading equipment. For adding baby or toddler car-seats, it’s a real labour-saving idea. Standard cars don’t have this great feature.

The new subaru Forester comes with all your standard new Subaru safety features. These include VDC car control and 6 airbags plus ABS brakes. in fact the new Subaru Forester is one of the safest cross-over vehicles on the market.

If you add to those features Subaru’s all-whee- drive only improves the driver control over this vehicle. It is a real surprise and joy to drive. In summary, the new Subaru Forester provides the best of both world. It is an effective cross-over vehicle but with the handling of a everyday car. It has the height and much-liked height, visibility and range of a SUV while keeping all the luxuries you would expect from a much higher-priced vehicle.

The New Subaru Forester is a great all-round and great value car.

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