New Subaru LegacyThe new Subaru Legacy has many variations. It is one of the most well thought-out and most refined version yet to be released by Subaru Japan.

The new Legacy now incorporates the new CVT gear box. This has been developed to deliver outstanding economy. This comes from Subaru and is derived from Subaru’s all wheel drive system while not sacrificing power or handling. To do this has been an amazing feat.

The new Subaru’s CVT transmission in all 2.5 non-turbo vehicles is smooth and flawless. Combine this with shifting and response and the ability to have control through a 6 stage tiptronic system via the steering wheel, and what results is total control driver control over speed and revs. This technology combination is well suited for power down low needed for towing the boat or caravan or extra performace from tight and twisty sections of road.

Inside the new Subaru Legacy there has been an extensive remodelling. There is significantly more space for the rear passengers. This has been achieved without sacrificing any space or comfort for the front passenger and drivers.

The new Subaru Legacy is also now produced with the new 3.6 ltr flat six engine. This just literally purrs along in any gear giving the driver power and economy. This power is delivered through Legacy’s 5-stage automatic transmission. This flagship Subaru Legacy in the non-turbo version model comes with all the creature comforts you would expect of the top of the range Legacy eg leather, climate control and lots more.

New Subaru Legacy: GT Version Upgrade

Subaru has also upgraded the GT version of the Legacy . This new Subaru now comes with a top-of-the-range McIntosh stereo and the added features of featuring both bluetooth functionality, satellite navigation system and rear camera for added safety.

All Subaru Legacys have a 5 star ANCAP safety rating by utilising 6+ air-bags standard and VDC (ESP) car control across the range. This continues Subaru’s tradition of superior safety for both driver and passengers. The new features really do give ‘total control of the vehicle by the driver in all driving situations.

All in all the new generation Subaru Legacy is just another evolutionary step in the model. Each model it replaces exceeds levels of comfort and style regardless of the variant you choose from whether it be the 2.5 Sport or the GT Premium.

You’ll be totally surprised and impressed with the new Subaru Legacy.

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